Important stuff for digital noamds

Being a remote working nomad, often means frequent trips to other countries and moving around a lot. Since some of these trips last only for a couple of weeks, packing everything is probably not the best option and it is better to bring only the essentials on these travels. In order to feel comfortable, most of the digital nomads already have pre-made lists of things to bring on their journeys. This makes it a lot easier, simply because some of the items on the list are necessary for everyday living while others may come handy in certain situations. For instance, a good laptop that has a strong battery is for some a must have thing while traveling. Let’s take a look at some of the essentials that you should bring with yourself if you are a digital nomad.

E-book. Flight layovers, waiting in lines, and checking in hotels are things that every working Nomad has to deal with, and for some reading is something that makes the time pass faster. On the other hand, some people just love to read regardless of time and place. Bringing a whole library on these short travels is not quite convenient, but in one E-book you can store hundreds of books.

Toothbrush and Mouthwash. Budget friendly Hotels usually don’t offer a toothbrush for their guests, and going out to find a shop where you can purchase a simple toothbrush can be a drag. Mouthwash besides being really good for you is also a very convenient thing to have when you for some reason can’t brush your teeth.

A good pair of sneakers. If you are a person who travels to new places all of the time, you are probably used to walking a lot. Comfortable sneakers will sometimes save you from the misery of swollen feet.

Cash/Cards/Passport. No travel is possible without these three. DNs usually tend to keep these close to themselves at all time. Portable safes for valuable personal belongings have also become very popular among Digital Nomads recently.

High-quality Phone. Today, people who are working and traveling at the same time handle their business over the phone when needed. You can also use google maps for location, foursquare for food/bar recommendations, and take pictures without having a giant Nixon camera hanging down from your neck.

Medication. In some countries, it is impossible to find the medication that you are looking for, and of course, sometimes you need prescribed recipes for pills. This is why it is best to carry all of the medication that you might need during your travels.

Portable Multi-port chargers. You might can face tough situations searching a connection to operate tech stuff and powering them on the go. Things like Portable chargers, Multi ports and Solar powered gadgets are a good option. Many waterproof chargers are also available online for sale these days.

So make sure you carry light weight backup for yourself. Anything else remaining? Well, who needs a map.

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