Useful Hacks for Digital Nomads

Working and travelling may sound like a very carefree life, but digital nomads face their own share of problems that they need to solve. Being on the road means we have to be prepared for literally anything and by preempting certain situations you can actually be better prepared for any difficulties. Here are some hacks you should keep in mind:

Internet: When you reach a destination, take some time to wander around and find a workspace where you get good connectivity. The first day in a new place, especially if you plan to halt there for a while, should be spent staking out the area and establishing what your new workspace is going to be like. It could be your desk in your hotel room or a particular table at a cafe where the internet is cheaper than the other options. You can also find the best deal on portable modems or plug-in connections to ensure that you’re always connected.

Frequent flier miles: Make complete use of the air miles that your rack up. You can keep adding points by certain shopping schemes or offers in restaurants and hotels. In certain cases, they can end up paying for your entire airfare. Also keep an eye out for upgrades on your card as higher tier cards allow access to a lot of lounges, particularly in airports and these come with more free features to make your travel easier.

Travelling with gear: Keep all your travel necessities safe with a Scottevest or other similar multi-pocketed jackets. These customised jackets come with multiple features like compartments for tablets, phones, identification, travel documents, pens, earphones, and even hidden pockets.

Equipment failure: Make sure you account for the change in climate from place to place, especially when it comes to your electronic equipment. If you are travelling to a humid place, you need to keep your laptop and cell phone in a ziplock bag with some desiccant. Near beaches, it is always a good idea to keep some soft brushes to clean fine particles of sand out of your equipment. Since your livelihood depends on your equipment, taking care of them should be your first priority.

Travelling during important dates: Avoid planning travel on days of submissions, meetings or when your deadlines are nearing. Going to a new destination would mean searching for a new workspace and a reliable internet connection and you waste precious work hours doing this. Your priority during these days should be to stay in contact with our client so choose a place with good connectivity and avoid travelling.

Keep your bank in the loop: If any of your bank accounts are going to be inactive for a while, it is a good idea to inform your bank about it. Even in today’s super connected age, travellers have known to find their bank accounts shut down because of inactivity during long term travel. In case you miss any messages by them or aren’t able to access your email while travelling, head to the bank personally before leaving town.

Time zone trouble: If you’re travelling internationally, always make sure to inform your client about your timezone. It is very easy to fallout with your clients on this matter and it is easy to miscommunicate timings during travel so while declaring deadlines, check your travel plans and specify timezones and locations.

Every digital nomad has their custom checklist while traveling and it keeps developing to make things easier for them. Preparing for certain situations makes your own life easier. After all, being a digital nomad is a lot of work!

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