where to celebrate new year in India

As the end of the year 2016 comes closer, nomads need to decide sooner than other travellers where they’re going to spend new years’ eve. Clubs will be full, parties will be booked and before long, you’ll be hunting for accommodation. To get a head start, here are a few suggestions on where you can celebrate new years’ in India:

Gokarna: For the nomads who want to spend the new year festivities with a small group away from the city, head to Gokarna in South Karnataka. Not a very mainstream destination, the quiet beaches are ideal for small groups. It is still advised to book your accommodation in advance since Gokarna is a popular destination with the city folks of Bangalore.

Kasol: Popular at any time, Kasol has a steady stream of psychedelic parties through the year so it shouldn’t be too difficult for one to be on during New years. The Parvati Mystery party during this time seems to be the most energetic happening during this time of the year.

Mumbai: If major parties and dancing are your thing, spending new years’ eve in Mumbai is the place to be. Take your pick from the choicest parties in the most popular areas. They can be quite expensive though so begin saving up now!

Bangalore: Bangalore is where the pub scene reigns so head over there if you’d rather spend your new years’ sitting down rather than dancing. Being a prime destination for music acts, Bangalore will also have some prime gigs around then. Ideal for a group, be sure to make reservations wherever you decide to celebrate.

Hampi: The small historic site slash hippie town is another ideal place to celebrate new years’. Virupapura Gadde, the bank across the main town, has most of the homestays and new year parties are an extension of the regular partying that happens every night. However, you can find quiet places to celebrate the new year as well, just as long as you aren’t being a nuisance to the locals. As always around the holidays, book in advance.

Goa: Goa is pretty much party central so with a good deal of planning and booking in advance, new years’ at Goa is always a blast. You have your pick of beaches, an easy flow of cheap beer and some of the most coveted clubs and active nightlife. New Years’ in Goa couldn’t go wrong!

Jaisalmer: You don’t have to be in the thick of it all to have a good new year party. If you’re looking for peace and solitude, head to Jaisalmer, where you can spend new years in the Thar desert, below the stars. Just be sure to bundle up properly, nights can get pretty freezing, especially in the winter.

Shillong: Shillong has an amazing music scene throughout the year so new years here is bound to be something special. It is quite an underrated place, so if you’re looking to experience a different kind of party scene, Shillong is your best bet. Plus, the enthusiasm after Christmas only increases till new years’, making it one long celebration.

You can ring in the new year anywhere, given that any establishment with a claim to being a hotel throws its own new year party every year. Just remember to celebrate responsibly and book your taxis well in advance!

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