More often than not, people speak about the things that digital nomads should be careful to do during their travel.  The quest about the things that they should not do has been left unattended. Today, I want us to focus on the things that you should not do as a traveling freelancer. This will save you a great deal in terms of budget as well as productivity at work.

Don’t take meals near tourist’s parks

One of things about the local’s business people is that they have a common mentality that tourists have a lot of cash. Therefore, any meals, drinks or items that are sold in any of the surrounding areas are super expensive. Conversely, the same services or items are sold at super friar rates in areas further from the park.

Don’t book rooms near clubs

Clearly, a remote worker is a person that requires a calm working environment for maximum productivity. Booking guest houses at places that are surrounded by clubs or restaurants is only likely to disrupt your peace and concentration at work.

Don’t travel in solitude

While some people prefer walking in groups, others prefer being all alone at all times. Some of the digital nomads are not exceptional either. This may be dangerous as anything is likely to happen to you while in a foreign area. This is why you should look for some company while going for adventure as a freelancer.

Don’t exchange money at the airport

Although the majority of digital nomads prefer exchanging currency at the airports, this is not the best thing to do. This is because, the currency exchange service providers there charge exorbitantly something that is not friendly for the budget-minded backpackers.

Don’t take cabs

It is really luxurious to travel in a cab as opposed to using the public means. Unfortunately, you end up paying hefty bill while you would have obtained the same service at fairer rates. In case the public transport is available, it is better.

Don’t work from isolated places

A laptop, tablet, desktop computer are must-have-tools for any remote worker. At the same time, they are faced with a high risk of loss particularly through theft. Hence, it is always advisable to look for a place that is a bit public for sure security of your working tools.

Don’t take rooms in remote areas

While a remote area may have a peaceful environment for working, in terms of network connections it’s is never the best. Any digital nomad must have a descent network which is the main requirement while working online.

Don’t avoid tourist’s offices

It is unfortunate how most digital nomads ignore the tourist’s offices they find in various host countries. They are the places you can find sure advice on how to go about various things during your stay there.

Aside from these, it is also wise that you don’t carry your laptop in all places, don’t trust natives with your working tools, don’t carry traveler’s checks with you, and don’t use a credit card that has fees just to mention a few.

Happy Travelling.

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