Many backpackers are afraid of having to sacrifice their jobs in case they want to travel to places. Fortunately, this does not have to happen at all times. There are some jobs that are location independent and hence you do not have to be in specific places to get work done. In this article, we shall have a look at a number of such kind of jobs.

Freelancer writer

One of the best things about being a remote worker is that you can always work while in your pajamas at home. This gives you a given space of freedom where you do not have to be too official, while working. Similarly, you can comfortably carry out your work as a freelancer while traveling. All you need is a laptop and some descent network. Your location while working doesn’t just matter.

Website developers

Aside from Freelancers, the second category of digital nomads is website developers. This career does not require you to work from any specific location. The bottom line is having a laptop or any computer and play about with codes in the specific coding languages. Everything else falls into place regardless of your location.


One of the common things about photographers is that they just have to be mobile in their work. This means that being a traveler, photography career will have already allowed you to move from place to place. All you need is a high quality camera with high resolution photos. Your fellow travelers or probably digital nomads will keep coming for new photos at every new environment.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
-Maria Robinson.


A blogger is a person whose main requirement for work is information. Regardless of the location, it is possible for a blogger to spread certain information, whether true of false online. This is what earns them income regardless of their geographical location. Therefore, it is a correct way to go for any person that may be looking forward to a career that is location independent.

Travel agents

Travel agents are people that closely work with travel companies acting as a link between them and customers. Therefore, this only means that any location can make a working place for them. They are never limited by different working locations.  They can always become intermediaries between travelers and airlines; travel Companies, guest houses and so on.

Travel nurses

Being a travel nurse simply means that you will have to travel from time to time in order to get the patients you are looking for. Clearly, a good number of people have had terrible travel experiences due to sickness while in the plane, ship or road transport. Therefore, a travel nurse is likely to be highly consulted from time to time for various issues. Even better, their career allows them to travel.

Flight attendants

Normally, air travel cabins have earnings that vary depending on the level of professionalism. However, what matters most is the fact that traveling is part and parcel of their career.  Therefore, traveling to different places do not hinder them from working. The two of them go hand in hand.

Online tutors

Among the best thing about online tutors is that aside from teaching, they help students have convenience of studies as they don’t have to travel to the tutor’s location. Similarly, this makes online tuition a career that is never affected by traveling. Everything takes place online thus making it location independent.

An interpreter

Linguistics has been considered to be among the most mobile friendly careers to specialize in. This is because; travelers keep going to places where the native language differ variously requiring translation. Fluency in speaking in different languages is the only key requirement. The geographical location doesn’t matter at all as you can work from anywhere.

Aside from these, the other mobile friendly careers include navigation career, diplomat agent career missionary and online poker player. 😉

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