Being a DN you are always on the move and often do not have a permanent address. Finding accommodation that does not drain you of all your earnings can be quite a task. Airbnb has come as a boon to digital nomads and those who travel on a budget. It provides affordable accommodation in many countries of the world.

But when it comes to the internet the saying, “Everything that glitters’ is not gold” is quite literal. You can never judge a place or a person based on the information that they share over the internet. So here are a few Airbnb hacks to help all you digital nomads out there from getting screwed over the internet.

1. Read the listings properly and look for places that offer amenities that you cannot do without, like good wifi, a quiet working space etc.

2. Check if the host has mentioned what kind of guests they want to cater to. For example some hosts may not be comfortable hosting single guests and may be looking for couples only.

3. Read all the reviews for the listing that you’re planning to stay at. Contact people who have previously stayed at the listing you’re interested in. Airbnb connects through Facebook so finding people may not be too difficult. You can even ask your host for references.

4. Go through the pictures of the listing. If the host has uploaded good pictures of his accommodation it means that they take interest in their listing. It is always good to live with such hosts.

5. Check if the hosts’ profile has pictures of them, those who don’t upload their own pictures are often the ones who are hosting illegally or out of their lease contracts.

6. Contact your host before you stay with them. Get all your queries answered, it is extremely important to know your hosts before you live with them, even if it is for a day or two.

7. If the price of a listing seems too good to be true, or if it is way lesser than the others in the same area, use your common sense. Try to find out why there is a significant price difference, the truth is often ugly.

8. If a problem arises while you’re living at an Airbnb, like if you are evicted, contact the company immediately. They can help you find new accommodation if required.

Airbnb is the best option for people who travel on a tight budget. So research well and have a great stay!

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