Demystifying Digital Nomads

Digital nomadism may sound as the quintessential dream career. Exploring the world just with a laptop and a few essentials in a back-back , making a personal schedule in a coffee shop from a far away country while sipping your favorite drinks on a beach, moving from a destination to another as you admire the nature’s beauty, yet still make ends meet by the end of the day. But this is it; reality seems to have been romanticized. Unlike the common mentality, digital nomadism is not an occupation title but a lifestyle preference; so is working remotely from home.

I will share with you 7 facts you probably didn’t know about being a digital nomad :

Most Digital Nomads do not make prior plans of being one, they just  find themselves traveling and working

When I wrote my resignation letter and finally presented it to my boss, I had no idea about what my life would turn out to be. All I wanted was to have financial freedom yet work at my own pace, from anywhere. I started remote working by  doing a few blogs during my part time on a daily basis and it later turned out to be something I was absolutely passionate about. Back then, I only had a few details about digital nomadism that I had learnt from a few articles I had read and a several experiences from my friends who are Digital nomads in India.  If you think you love to travel but you’re not yet ready to quit your job, you will probably never be. Just do it!

Digital nomadism is not always an exciting escapade

Initially, I presumed that being a digital nomad you would not loose it in any way; you can do your work then tour around during your free time; but I got it all wrong. Being a remote worker has its challenges. Like WiFi glitches which sometimes really suck especially just when deadline is here and pages won’t load, missing home (This may sound stupid but at times homesickness affects many digital nomads to an extent of reducing productivity).

Did you also know traveling can be distractive sometimes and make you less productive? This often happens when a remote worker gets overwhelmed by the exciting surrounding hence losing focus. To avoid this, keep reminding yourself that you are on a business trip, not just a vacay.

You will often screw up- and that’s Alright

It is normal for things to sound easier when said yet seem pretty hard to accomplish when it’s time. This has happened to me countless times. Remote workers often come up with a work plan prior to getting to the co-sharing space. In the end, you may realize that you have only accomplished half of the thing in the to-do list. In case you have found yourself in a similar situation; all is not lost. Try having break-out sessions after a reasonable period of working. This tactic is a life saver in enhancing productivity.

Changing environment eventually increases your productivity

Digital nomads are also likely to suffer from carbin fever especially while working from a fixed place for too long all by you. I personally know people who work in isolation even in foreign states, something that makes work both boring and overwhelming. If you find out that you are less productive while working from a certain area, take a trip to a different environment. It works!

Losing your job sometimes ushers- in greater opportunities

When reality finally set in that I am no-longer employed, it was quite intimidating. How would I pay my bills without being on a payroll? I knew thousands of people were dying to get an accounting job in our organization. So it injured my ego to loose the so called “good profession” Finally, the reality hit that I was now on my own and life had to go on anyway. I decided to be better than I ever was throughout my time in job. Eventually, I started finding life easier than ever before. I would work anytime, anywhere and make more money while still enjoying adventure.

Mistaken beliefs can make you a life-time slave to work

When I started writing, I had never thought of it as a full-time employment for anyone. I always viewed it as a way of keeping me sane as I hunted for a “real full-time” job.  The mentality that full-time jobs are the only real jobs has held so many people captive today. Eventually, you end up retiring poor having had no fun; loosing it in both worlds can be really frustrating.

Being a digital nomad is astoundingly inspirational

Being a digital nomad, am constantly moving to new places, interacting with different a person which often gives me new impulses; it makes you aspire to be a better person every day and move out of your comfort cocoon. During my trip to New Delhi, I realized that India is among the countries that are growing speedily in this technological realm. Almost all Digital nomads India channels are full of remote workers each trying to make ends meet. It is a great networking platform that is likely to inspire anyone.

Digital nomading is not for everyone

If you want to thrive as a digital nomad, you have only one major assignment; to make up your mind if it’s right for you! Do you love family? Are you ready to travel every now then? These are some of the questions you may have to answer privately.  Most of the digital nomads in India and worldwide have no family commitments.  Unlike working remotely, it can be challenging to keep moving with family and having to enroll your children to a new school every time you relocate. Being a digital nomad may sometimes mean living without a place of your own; after all, you are constantly moving.

Generally, being a digital nomad has its pros and cons. So if you think it is too demanding for you, Working remotely from home is a good alternative. However, there are countless Remote workers in India and all over the globe that have beautiful success stories of being digital nomads.

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