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Before I made up my mind to go to India for my first remote working experience, I did not have a thousand reasons as to why I should. Nonetheless, I still decided it was worth a trial. India is well known country due to its lively, colorful nature and the fact that it is developing at a very alarming rate. Did I mention the food, colors &exciting festivals and low cost of living?

If you are a digital nomad who aspires to take a trip to India, I have good news for you! There are 300 cities for you to choose from. These include Delhi, Bengaluru (formerly called Bangalore), & Chennai (previously called Madras) which are the prime cities in South India. To the East and North Eastern India respectively are: Kolkata and Guwahati. Regardless of the City you choose to work from, there are various considerations you should make the decision of choosing any of the states as Digital nomads India channel. These include: the phone company that has the best coverage, the data rates for those places as well as a comfortable and convenient accommodation venue.

In this article, I will shortlist several reasons that make India a place to be for any digital nomad.

Relatively Affordable Cost Of Living

Following the latest data updates, India has been ranked as the most cost-friendly country to live in. This ranking is with reference to food, clothing, accommodation as well as day-to-day items. We all know rent typically covers the largest part of our budget on a monthly basis. Therefore, if you are back-packer living on a budget you would probably be on the lookout for such a place as India. The low-cost living standard in India allows you to enjoy a seriously lavish lifestyle, with shows and excursions as you Work online from India.   

A variety of Co-working Spaces/Casual Work Cafe

The idea of casual work café is a more evolved concept in the western countries but has also turned out to be trendy in India with the current wave of development. Co-shared spaces are fun to work from and are life-savers for any Remote worker in India who is hunting for a flawless WiFi network, comfortable environment in order to increase their productivity. Speaking from my personal experience, I spent my first Month of the trip at Delhi which had a wide collection of co-working spaces that were well equipped with modern amenities, mentorship programmes and it also exposed me to a great networking platform. What else would a remote worker be looking for?

Cosmopolitan Cities/Culture

I am a person who appreciates culture and I definitely knew I would love India due to its Multicultural demographics. Precisely, Mumbai is the most cosmopolitan City in India as it has a vast population of Indians from Central, NorthEast, Southern and the East. Besides being a Multicultural city with almost all diversities of the Indian states, it is also hosts the worship shrines for Jews and Parsis who are the minorities. Most of the Indian festivals take place at Mumbai and it was absolutely fun to witness some of the festivals taking place like the Holi (colour festival). It’s not a secret how much I enjoyed the traditional dishes specially prepared from different Indian cultures. If you are a remote worker who is a foodie like me, am sure you’d love it too.

Scenic Natural Sites

I am not only a digital nomad but also a passionate biker, or should I say travelprenuer?; so a motorbike is all I needed anytime I needed to enjoy the beautiful scene of flat plains and the highest peaks of Himalayas, dusty, dry and blue-water beaches. For both is beautiful landscape and diversity of nature, it is a perfect place for Digital nomads India channels.

Data Speed

To be honest with you, how fast internet is during your Digital nomading in India depends on the City in which you are in. Different operators have different coverage in different states. I used Airtel throughout my trip in India as it has super low customer base being the best Telecom operator. The operator used by your co-working space is the one that determines the speed of data on your laptop. Research has shown that 99% of large scale companies in India solely depend on Airtel. This explains the reason behind their huge customer base.

India’s Political Stability

Before I started traveling, I was extremely indifferent about anything political. Later on during my trips to different states, it came to my notice that political decisions affect almost everything in a state starting from Economic and social status. India is the most democratic state and this has helped in maintaining a calm state within the surrounding. In fact, it is deemed as being among the most secure democratic state both economic and political wise. So if you are a remote worker, as you make your travel plans, you should consider the political stability of that state.

Multipurpose Environment

If you are a digital nomad who started with working from home, a closed office set-up, you know how lonely and bored one can get especially if you work round-the- clock. Many people actually get a indefinite metabolism reaction, like a pit in the stomach when they think about shifting careers to writing which may probably make them introverts and antisocial. Thanks to the invention of the idea of working while still exploring the world. It has turned online working into fun, successful and rewarding remote work.

Working as a Digital nomad in India gives you a chance to increase productivity in your work as well as enjoy adventurous activity. Some of the memorable fun activities i  stil remember enjoy are like hiking at the towering peaks and Summit of Himalaya’s Mountains, swimming in the  fascinating rivers as well as bike riding through the challenging terrains and to the beautiful country side. Did I also mention zipping through the jungle atFlying Fox Kikar which happens to be the longest zip line in South Asia?

Precisely, India is among the top epitomes of adventure in the globe for any remote worker who loves adventure to break out of the boredom of working throughout.

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