A Guide to Jamaican Sightseeing

Jamaica is a well-known resort island and has always attracted those who love lazy days on the beach, strolling along the coastline, or exploring the spectacular lush tropical surroundings. But there are so many things to see on the island. Beautiful landmarks, museums, and natural gems will envelop you as you take in the island’s cultural offerings. Let’s look at some of the sights that you should add to your “to see” list.

The Bob Marley Tour

Of course, the reggae legend, Bob Marley made the island famous on a global scale. Because of this, he is seen as a hero, and many landmarks and monuments bear his name. If you, like millions of others, have fallen in love with his message and music, the Bob Marley Museum is a must-see. Here you can see various items and objects which were connected in some way to the famous legend. The museum features the precious gold and platinum discs given to Marley for his influential music, as well as the costumes he wore and his first guitar. It’s one of the many attractions and tours on the island that’s guaranteed to delight you.

Enjoy Local Artwork

There are a handful of medieval structures on the island that has survived over the years. St. Catherine’s Cathedral and the Royal House are two of these buildings and are well worth the tour. Another landmark to consider is the National Gallery, which displays local artists’ work. The original collection was launched in 1920, and the gallery has grown dramatically since.

Many up-and-coming artists exhibit their artworks at this famous gallery, where you can admire and enjoy them.

The Blue Mountains

As exciting as the cultural landmarks are, the natural ones are even more captivating. The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park holds the title of the biggest national park on the island. It is also the most well-known, and for a good reason. The mountain range looks like a massive plateau with deep ravines and many hills. An excursion to the park will overwhelm you with its beauty. There are hundreds of birds and wild animals to witness, and the winding pathways will see you arrive at the mountaintop. From this vantage point, you can revel in the awe-inspiring vista of the surrounding landscape. Nature lovers will also enjoy Fern Gully, which boasts a few hundred different types of ferns.

Crocodile Pong

Situated near to the island’s west coast is the Crocodile Pong, another natural gem. Obviously, based on its name, the park is devoted to crocodiles and is something to behold. And what would a trip to Jamaica be without some time to enjoy the best beaches. St. Anna’s Bay, Long Bay, and Port Royal all have secluded beaches that are ideal for a relaxing day in the sun.

A few other sightseeing options around the island:

• Go rafting down Rio Grande River near Port Antonio
• Take a tour of the Appleton Estate Rum plantation
• Go caving on the north coast at the Green Grotto Caves
• Explore the Caribbean’s formal pirate capital, Port Royal
• Head just out of Montego Bay to Cockpit Country to bird watch

The island has so much on offer for tourists and travelers. Whether you are looking for a party, a relaxed vacation, or a cultural experience, Jamaica has just what you need. Although it’s easy to be lulled into spending your days on the pristine beaches, experience some of the local culture, tour the landmarks, and immerse yourself in the vibe of the island.

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