In a good number of European countries today, passport free travel is becoming a thing of the past. This has come along with a good number of riots from affected civilians as well as the affected foreign countries. This bill was passed to be followed for six months down the line. Although it has brought about a distinctive economic derail, it has been effected for a number of reasons. Let us look at some of them:

Insecurity and terrorism cases

Clearly, it has been found that terror has turned out to be an every day activity in a good number of countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria and so on. The civilians in these European countries sleep and wake up in fear each day not knowing what fate awaits them. Holders of missiles and other catastrophic weapons are simply countless. This is something that has raised an alarm to the respective country’s governments thus necessitating the border control measure.

Fake passports around

In Bangkok, cases of fake passports are not something new. This can be more dangerous than it sounds. A passport is a good accreditation measure that ensures a person has been allowed by their native government to travel outside their state’s borders. That way, it is possible for them to be easily tracked in case they cause trouble in the foreign countries. Unfortunately, fake passports have created a loophole for all kinds of people to travel to any country, any time. This is really alarming and may cause a lot of trouble to the host government.

Control of illegal and substandard goods

Greek farmers seem to have been greatly affected by the new policy concerning passport free entrance. This is what led to their protest against the parliament, afraid that they will loose their market for goods. However, among the things that civilians fail to understand is that the government is after the well being of the country and so is their policies. Ideally, the control policy for borders has been used as a way of controlling the import of illegal and substandard commodities the nationalists. Unfortunately, this is something that not everyone will understand.

Generally, passport free entrance restriction has been implemented for various reasons in different countries. For instance, the Iran’s minister protested against the interference of their country’s internal affairs by the surrounding regions. Following his sentiments, this is a way of demeaning a country’s sovereignty. However, it is awing that not many civilians will understand the government’s intent when implementing some policies.

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