Once you have qualified for your Visa to India, the contract is only legally binding within the predetermined period. In case you have any plans of extending your stay there, there are protocols and procedures to follow. Failure to do that may cost you dearly to an extent of being jailed or even being deported from India something that is quite embarrassing. In order to avoid this, here are some of the things that you should observe.


Give a 60 days notice prior to the expiry date of residential Permit.It is a mandatory requirement for you to communicate to the relevant authorities in case you are intending of an extension 60 days before it’s time to leave. This gives the relevant officers enough time to investigate the reasons for which you want to extend your stay at India. Later than that may cost you a penalty of US $30 in order for the authority to consider your case.

Fill in reasons for your extension

Following the reasons for which you are intending to extend your stay at India, the relevant authorities will determine if to allow you to go ahead or to simply turn down your request. This is also determined by the experience and legal report concerning conduct they receive from whoever are concerned. Of course, in case of a bad conduct within the period you have been there, they will definitely cancel your request for extension.

Confirm details of the registered address

The registered address are super sensitive details when it is about you staying in India. It is always in order ensuring that the details of address the Indian government had is actually the correct thing. Otherwise, you may suffer serious penalties if for one reason or another they realize that what they have is not the correct information of address.


There are documents to submit in order to be allowed to extend your stay at India. A passport is one of the must have documents. It should be both be valid and duly signed. A document proving your financial support is another must-have-document for any extension of Visa to qualify. This is a proof that you will not be a liability to the country by leaving on other people’s expense. You should also submit a duly filled form requesting for the extension. It should clearly explain the reason for wanting to extend your stay at India.


Obtain a form for extension from the Indian immigration centers. Carefully fill all the technical details regarding your personal information and with reasons for this extension.Attach all the relevant documents including the passport, the evidence document for financial support, a duly filled form as well as a 2″ ×2″photo.
Submit the documents to the relevant immigration offices for approval and wait for the response.

Basically, when you are about to extend your stay in India, it is only considered legal if you undergo all the necessary steps ensuring that you adhere strictly to the law. That way, odds are that your request for extension of residential permit will be acceptable.

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