Interestingly, the rule of diversity seems to be all over the world. What is acceptable in one country may be super wrong when done in another country. Therefore, it is really necessary for you to be able to learn the acceptable etiquette and code of behavior in different countries. This will enable you to accomplish your business goal while in any of those countries. Let us have an overview of some of the do’s and don’ts in various countries.


Belgium is an interesting country where people do greetings by simply shaking hands. Additionally, it is only considered good manners avoiding proximity especially when it comes to opposite sex. You are supposed to allow some respectable personal space what is generally referred to as staying at arms length. It is also expected for you to communicate at low tones as a show of humility. Snapping fingers is also considered a rude behaviour at Belgium. These are etiquettes that are quite sensitive and are worth observing while at Belgium, whether on a visit or business trip. Failure to do so may cosy you dearly.


While at Canada, it is always considered respectable giving people a firm handshake. This should be done without having shades or a cap on you. It is also considered not in order inquiring personal information from the people you meet along the way, particularly when it is the question of health matters which are considered private and confidential. It is important that you observe and maintain this code of behaviour anytime you find yourself at Canada as a way of ensuring good public relations with the nationalists there.


As compared to the etiquette requirements at other countries, Brazil can be considered to be quite lenient. First off, it is always considered good manners giving a firm handshake while maintaining eye contact. Additionally, it is a common and acceptable code of behaviour for women to kiss at the cheeks. Close proximity while conversing is also considered acceptable at Brazil unlike in most other countries.

Even better, it is always acceptable for people to periodically hold meetings as a way of keeping in touch with each other. During the gatherings, there is nothing wrong with enquiring about personal details of some people.


In France, giving people a light handshake is what is regarded as being right. It is also not in order addressing people by their first names unless they have asked you to; always use the last names instead. Knowing French is also a must have skill in case you are going to freely interact with France people.

Basically, learning the acceptable codes of behavior in different countries will save you the hassles of futile marketing efforts during your business trip. It also gives you some peace of mind in having free interactions with the nationalists in various countries.

Make sure to remember these notes while on your nomadic journeys.

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