Why Health Insurance Is Important ?

Health is one of the most necessary things in life, and for people who are working as Digital Nomads, it is sometimes not that easy to find the right medical care and treatment in a foreign country. The good news is that with the right health insurance, a doctor’s certificate for medication, and with doing a bit of research about the health care system in a country that you are planning to visit, you’ll have not that much to worry about and you can travel with ease.

Since frequent traveling is a part of a Nomadic lifestyle, those who have certain medical conditions and physical disabilities should prepare beforehand and get the necessary papers from their doctors. Here are some quick tips on this subject from experienced digital nomads.

Traveling with Medication

If you are going on your trip with medication, for some pills you’ll need a doctor’s certificate when traveling abroad. All airlines have very strict rules about this, so make sure to get the necessary papers before the trip. They won’t always ask you for these papers at the airport, but once they do without these certificates you won’t be allowed to board the airplane. Always make sure to check if the medication is available in the country you are traveling to. The worst fear for some Digital Nomads who have physical disabilities is to run out of medication and have problems with finding the right place to purchase them.

Health Insurance When Traveling Abroad

For those DNs who live in the UK, a European Health Insurance Card is a great thing to have and can be valid up to 5 years. Other nomads are not that lucky, and every time they decide to travel to a new place, they should obtain some kind of health insurance. It all basically depends on what are you looking to get with this insurance. Do you need it just for emergency situations or you want your health insurance to cover a lot more? Also, make sure to check if this place you are going to, has a health care treaty with your country, and if the medication that you might need is available there.

For Those Who Want to Take Their Chances

There are many young digital nomads who think that saving money and not getting health insurance is a smart idea. Well, it’s not. Anyone can have an accident while traveling and this calls out for a trip to the hospital. If you are an American citizen, you are used to paying the medical bill after you get released from the hospital, but in some countries there are different rules and regulations, and you need to pay all the necessary costs before they let you go. Health insurance is definitely worth having on travel list.

Travel Safe. Work Hard.

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